Aluminum & Non-Ferrous Metals

Together with our leading partners, known worldwide, and our own warehouse facilities in Asia, we are able to supply tailor made solutions for e.g. shipbuilding and transportation applications.

Our product range includes copper-nickel pipes and fittings, welding fillers made from aluminum and / or magnesium, aluminum plates in various characteristics and make ups and transition joints for the welding of aluminum to steel / copper as  well as corrosion protection products and many more products applicable to this specialized industry. Our clientele consists of manufacturers being active in these fields as well as dealers and sub-contractors working in their supply chains. Main activity areas:


  • Standard aluminum plates, sheets, and coils
  • Marine plates with international certifications (GL, BV, DNV, ABS)
  • Drahtwerk Elisental – Aluminum welding wire
  • Triplate® – Explosion welded transition joints
  • Havel metal foam – Aluminum foam sandwiches and 3D foamed parts
  • Aluminum for architectural purposes and special applications (i.e. anodized sheets)
  • Copper-Nickel pipes and fittings
  • Precious metals such as titanium, nickel alloys and Zirconium


Detailed product information is available at our dedicated website: